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Tactical Voting Sites

by David Watts on 10 November, 2019

There are three purported tactical voting sites that I know of, all claiming to try and maximise the anti-Tory vote. If we had a fair voting system sites like this would not be needed. However we don’t so they are. Unfortunately the quality of the sites is very different.

Best for Britain, a campaigning organisation opposed to Brexit, have compiled the Getvoting.org site. This uses the most complex calculations, looking not just at the results in the last election but also opinion polls, trends and by election results. They were able to predict the result of the Peterborough by election using this method to within 0.6% accuracy. They recommend voting for me in Newark.

The second is Remain United. This is the organisation run by Gina Millar. I’m not sure what calculations they use. Unfortunately for Newark they say that they are making no recommendation.

The third is a site called tactical.vote. As far as I can tell this is run by the Labour Party or it’s supporters. Every constituency I tried it suggested voting Labour. I’d take this one with a pinch of salt.

I can promise people that if I win I will be campaigning for a fair voting system so that sites like this will not be necessary. People should be able to vote for who they want, not just against who they don’t want.

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