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Confronted By Jenrick

by David Watts on 9 November, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out campaigning for us in Newark today. It is clear there is a very different mood to that in previous elections, which much more support at the stall than ever before.

People who were there at about midday were treated to a strange sight when I was confronted by Robert Jenrick about an article in the tabloid newspaper that we were giving out. He seemed to be in a very bad temper and was unhappy about the fact that we had told people about his voting record on climate change. Well, his voting record is public and I think it deserves to be talked about.

The simple truth is that there have been nine votes in parliament on tackling climate change since he became an MP. Not once has he supported measures to promote climate protection. On eight occasions he voted against and on the ninth he was absent. That is a truly shocking record.

I would encourage people to visit the “They Work For You” website to check out Roberts voting record. Their conclusion is that “Robert Jenrick has consistently voted against measures to tackle climate change.” It is a dreadful record to have and something he should be deeply ashamed of.

Instead of confronting other people he should be looking at what that record says about him.

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