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The Brexit Shambles

by David Watts on 25 August, 2019

Once again we see what a shambles Brexit has become. Boris Johnson seems surprised that the Germans and French weren’t bending over backwards to give him a new deal. Unfortunately all his lies are now coming home to roost. How the Conservative Party could put their trust in a man who is a proven and serial liar is beyond me.

The UK now seems on course for a no deal Brexit and some people seem to believe that this is what people voted for. No they didn’t. Voters were made all sorts of promises by leave campaigners about this been an easy deal and how the EU needed us more than we need them. This is patently untrue. I will never stop campaigning until Brexit is stopped, or if we do leave until we return to the EU. There is no better deal for the UK than the one that we have now. We can’t allow the extreme right to hijack this country.

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  1. Nonconformistradical says:

    “I will stop campaigning”

    Isn’t the word NOT missing?

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