David Watts

Liberal Democrat Councillor For Bramcote, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newark, Editor of Challenge Magazine for the Green Liberal Democrats and Crime and Policing Spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Learn more

My Message For Newark

by David Watts on 28 May, 2024

Honesty, integrity and compassion.

“These have been missing from our politics for too long. Now at long last we can try and change that.

“Newark residents have a chance to reject unequivocally the politics of hate and instead to embrace the politics of hope.

“Whether it is saving the NHS, protecting the environment, stopping sewage dumping or tackling the cost of living crises, we have the answers.

“The Conservative Party that once existed is now gone. In its place we have an extreme right-wing party seeking to fight culture wars. Most Newark residents are appalled by this. My message to them is that when your party changes, it’s time to change your party.

“In this election a vote for the LibDems will ensure that we can have a real local champion here.

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