David Watts

Liberal Democrat Councillor For Bramcote, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newark, Editor of Challenge Magazine for the Green Liberal Democrats and Crime and Policing Spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Learn more

Not In My Name

by David Watts on 7 March, 2023

The proposals that the government have today unveiled about refugees are truly horrific. Mr Sunak claims that he is addressing the issue that is of concern to people. He’s not doing it in my name.

Lets be clear. the government have already closed off almost all legal routes to get here are a refugee, turning their backs on many centuries of tradition of Britain being a safe haven for those fleeing persecution, whether it be the Huguenots in the 17th century, Jewish people in the 1930’s, Ugandan Asians in the 1970’s or Vietnamese boat people less than a decade later. None of that matters to this awful right wing government. The only reason that there is an increase in small boat crossings is because the government have shut down other routes. This is a crisis that they have created.

If Sunak and Braverman think that they have a mandate for these policies of hate then let them seek confirmation by calling a general election.

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