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Liberal Democrat Councillor For Bramcote, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newark, Editor of Challenge Magazine for the Green Liberal Democrats and Crime and Policing Spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Learn more

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Noise Complaint

by David Watts on 31 August, 2020

A property on the Bramcote/Wollaton border was broadcasting extremely loud music all afternoon today which was upsetting numerous local residents. After receiving a number of complaints about the noise I called on the house and asked them to turn it down. Unfortunately all I received was abuse and attempts (unsuccessful) at intimidation. As a result I had no option but to refer it to the police. I had tried to avoid this but if people don’t care about how they treat their neighbours there is little else that we can do. As the property is in the City Council area I have also passed the details on to their local councillors and asked that the City Council monitor the problem.

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