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Shocking Rise In Food Parcels

by David Watts on 20 November, 2019

The Trussell Trust have emailed me today to say that they have distributed 1,018 three day food parcels between April and September this year in Newark, a 21% increase on last year. This is shocking. What sort of society are we creating where people can’t afford to even feed themselves. For too long we have bought the lie that people on benefits are somehow scroungers when the reality is laid very clear by these figures. Poverty in the UK is real and desperate, and it is a disgrace.

A situation which requires a 21% increase in food parcels is a situation which should never be tolerated. I am committed to working to tackle the issue, and I’m sure that the Trussell Trust share with me a vision to work to a situation where their services are no longer required.

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